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Academic Building, Takt Planning and Visual Control

By Plexos Team

In this example, is exposed the use of sub-activities, to deal with the problem of scheduling with cycles and takts.

We wish that this example will be useful for all the Plexos´ fanatics.

Two files are provided in this example, the first contents the initial status of the project and the second the controlled project.

The WBS of the project is shown in the following figure, with two main phases, the sub-structure and foundations, and the superstructure.

And the simulation of the construction process of the structure:

It is recommended that the Plexos user analyzes how the BIM objects are assigned to the activities and sub-activities, how the objects quantities are selected for the project budgeting, and the values for the advances in the project controls.

Explore the day-by-day option for a better comprehension of the construction process.

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