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Plexos Features

Plexos project® is a 3D, 4D & 5D BIM construction management lifetime license software developed to fulfill the construction industry needs, by the application of the more advanced and flexible scheduling tools under the collaborative BIM workflow platform in IFC Format and Cost databases in the cloud in FIEBDC format.

Plexos project® is a multiview software and friendly for users developed from academy to the AEC industry, that allows taking control of the project in all its dimensions and life cycle, trough cost and productivity control, efficiency indexes, and the most visual progress tools.

Plexos project® is designed for project planning and scheduling under Lean Construction and Last Planner System approaches, to provide feasible estimations with friendly user experience.

Plexos project® is compatible with BC3 file format (FIBDC council) and with cost and prices databases in the cloud, allowing to easily compute the budget of the project and export it in a dynamic Excel worksheet.

With Plexos project® controlling the project with the EVM (Earned Value Method) with visual advances of the BIM model is easy and intuitive, allowing the use of several baselines and exporting the reports in Excel dynamic worksheets.

License details


  • Designed for Lean Construction, Last Planner System (LPS) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).
  • Automatic wizard to create a project from an IFC file based on standard, or custom, classification systems
  • Natural, easy and intuitive Takt-Planning.
  • Unlimited Number of Activities, Resources, Dependencies & Calendars.
  • Multiples sub-activities in one activity.
  • Multiple relationships between activities and sub-activities.
  • Takt Time Planning, Location-Based Management (LBM) and Flowlines schedule.
  • Relationships based on production levels, workdays and/or lags.
  • Linear and non-linear production evolution for activities.
  • Optimal Fragmentation of activities.
  • Discretional continuity of activities and sub-activities.
  • Multiple Calendars for resources and activities.
  • Automatically creates a project from an IFC file based on standard classification systems


  • 4D Simulation for unlimited Baselines and schedules.
  • Visual project Control by EVM (Earned Value Management).
  • Discretional federation of unlimited IFC BIM models
  • Ready for ISO 19650 stage 3 maturity.
  • IFC v4 BIM file format compatibility.
  • integration for real IPD.
  • OpenBIM workflow compatibility.
  • Multiple IFC files for one project.
  • Several features for linking activities and BIM objects.
  • Automatic changes detection in IFC files.
  • Automatically levels detection from IFC files.
  • Automatically extract quantities from IFC objects.
  • Compatible with:
    * GuBIMClass v.1.2 Català and Spanish
    * OmniClass T21 2012 English and Spanish
    * Uniformat Level 3 1998 English and Spanish
    * Uniformat Level 3 2010 English and Spanish
    * Uniformat Level 4 2010 English and Spanish
    * Uniformat Levels 3-4-5 1998 English and Spanish

Resources and costs

  • BC3 file format compatibility for activities single activities and complete budgets.
  • Cype "Prices Generator" compatibility.
  • Automatic Budget generator.
  • Resource efficiency at activities and project level.
  • Project control by EVM (Earned Value Management) integrated with BIM.
  • Unlimited Baselines and Control points.

Other Features

  • Oracle Unifier bidirectional integration.
  • Merge several Plexos projects into one
  • Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 compatibility.
  • Integrated with several ERP solutions.
  • Tailored integration with your ERP and needs through Plexos Bridge.
  • And much, much more!.

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