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Wizard in a Swimming Stadium project with IFC federation.

By José Luis Ponz-Tienda, Ph.D.

Courtesy of Graphisoft.

This example shows the versatility of Plexos Project for easy schedule a complex swimming stadium building, presenting the difference with other examples of not being a traditional vertical construction process, but a horizontal one.

As in previous examples, this project deals with the wizard process based on a Uniformat classification system, working with federated BIM models, applying work cycles and taks.

We wish that this example will be useful for all the Plexos´ fanatics. 

For a better understanding of the project, the following two groups of images are included. The first corresponds to three different views of the project in which can be seen the curtain wall and the eight steel beams finished with laminated wood supporting the roof, built over sixteen architectonical concrete cantilever columns.

In this second and third images, several cuts are presented to see how the foundations and beams work and these interact with the curtain wall and the interiors of the stadium.


The following files are included in the zip folder:

  • Foundations and Structure: 1900-PPI-EST-A1.ifc
  • Architecture: PAC001-TC001-R1-Z-A.ifc
  • LOB Background: 1900-PPI-EST-A1.png
  • Plexos project file: Swimming Stadium.smartp
  • BC3 cost files folder: All the needed BC3 cost files for the activities.

A general schema of the project and its WBS under the Uniformat classification system version 1998 is exposed in the following image.

And the simulation of the construction process:

The main difference in the wizard process, compared to the "Top-to-Down construction process" example, is that the subactivities for the beams included foundations and piles must be built manually, due to Plexos project organizes the subactivities based on its level, and obviously, they are in the same level.

Enjoy this example building your own budget and schedule.

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